Fragile White Ego Syndrome is a personality disorder common in North America. Patients base part of their self-worth on pride in being white – but it is a false pride that is easily threatened and therefore fragile. It is a desperate front, a house of cards, that must be defended at all costs.

To maintain this fragile white ego patients will:

  • Play up white accomplishments (inventions, “civilization”, IQ scores, freeing the slaves, etc)
  • Play down, excuse or deny white evils (slavery, genocide, colonialism, racism, etc)
  • Play up the faults of people of colour, both real and imagined (poverty, crime, violence, out-of-wedlock births, pathologies)
  • Play down the successes of people of colour (overlook everything they invented or, where possible, claim them as honorary whites)

This causes a reality distortion field which makes whites seem better than they are and people of colour seem worse than they are. In America this distortion field is known as “the mainstream culture”.

In regard to people of colour patients will:

  • Try “not to see colour” as if any colour except white is a bad thing that must be overlooked.
  • Lack empathy and seem incapable of putting themselves in their shoes
  • See value in them only when they are useful to whites – otherwise they are “a drain on society”, can be killed by the police without consequence, can go to bad schools, etc. People of colour have no true human worth in their eyes.
  • Not take anything they say seriously
  • Use racial slurs and jokes

In extreme cases they can become physically violent.

Thought patterns:

  • Dichotomous thinking: Dividing everything into opposites, especially where one of the opposites is “good” and the other “bad”.
  • Ranking: Putting people on a success/backwardness scale (IQ, income, technological development, etc)
  • Moral blindness: Not facing up to the wrong one has done or benefits from
  • Stereotyping: Seeing others as limited, cardboard figures
  • Projection: Taking one’s worst qualities and imagining it in others. Often done as part of stereotyping
  • Pseudoscientific thinking: Conclusions come first, facts are then added, twisted  or dismissed accordingly

How to tell if a commenter suffers from Fragile White Ego Syndrome:

  • Confuses anger with hatred
  • Gets extremely upset at being called a racist
  • Wants to “win” the argument at all costs rather than simply learn and understand
  • Uses the tone argument (“I would listen to you if you were not so angry”)
  • Centre-staging: makes it all about them, particularly their feelings
  • Scripted lines (or dronespeak) – you have heard white people say the same thing before almost word for word
  • Does many of the other things in this post

Those with a true pride in their race or people, on the other hand, do not feel the need to put down others. They do not have to twist facts. They do not have to call people names. They can admit to faults, in themselves and their race. Because their pride is based on the truth not on a desperate front.